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If you share a common vision with the Institute for the Performing Arts - that the arts are essential, that every person should have the opportunity to experience the arts and that investments in the arts and arts education are investments in the creativity and innovation of the next generation - please help us achieve these goals.


Your generous support will help our educational stage shows within the center and on-locations as well as within our community’s schools, arts education, scholarships, mentoring programs and so much more. In addition, your contribution to the foundation goes a long way in building the strength of our local economy. 

Donations & Support of the Institute


Your benefaction and membership will make you a vital partner in the mission of the Foundation and Institute. Your support and donation allow us to expand our programming and make them available to the widest possible audience.  Also, one of our programs, “Keep Theater in the Schools”, because of your bestowal, our Foundation and Institute’s programs, scholarships, shows and events are helping many students and faculty alike with Performing and Visual Arts.


You may be inspired to give because the arts have changed your life in some way and you want to give back. You may give to celebrate an important milestone or rite of passage in the life of someone you love. You may want to include a bequest in your will or a deferred gift in your estate planning.


Whatever the reason may be, with great appreciation the Institute of Performing Arts and the Bill Carroll Foundation thanks you for your support and extreme generosity. Please give what you can and remember, your donation, whatever the amount, is completely TAX FREE (Tax ID: 83-4198567).


If you have questions, please contact us at 540-412-7527.

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