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Host A Concert

Decide what kind of concert you're planning

PFC was started by musicians and artists who shared a common belief that through music great things are possible. Are you a musician yourself? Recruit your band and call on your fellow musician friends to get involved. Maybe your school choir wants to join you in hosting an event at your school.

Musicians and non-musicians alike can participate! Host an event at a location of your choice and promote artists in your community. If you’re a business owner, offer your venue (club, restaurant, café, business, or residence) to musicians or event organizers! This website allows you to easily create, schedule and publish an event.

Choose a date and location for your concert

Your concert might fit in your backyard or fill an auditorium, so think about who will be performing and who will be attending, and select a venue that is right for your event. Talk to the managers of local clubs and concert halls and see if they’ll help you with your show. Ask your choir teacher to help you plan a concert at your school. If you have friends that are planning a show or festival, find out if they would be interested in donating a percentage of proceeds to a good cause.

Be sure to give yourself enough time to gather performers, plan the show, and tell people about it. If you’re having the show at a club, they may give you some options of dates that are available. Try to choose a date when the most people would be able to attend a concert.

Spread the word and fill the seats

Now that you've decided on when and where your event will take place, it's time to tell your friends and recruit volunteers to help you prepare for, promote, and run your event. There are many people, such as performers in the arts, who are willing to donate their services in support of a cause. When others see the energy you're putting in to your event, they will likely want to become a part of it, too.

Our ToolKit has tools to help you promote your event including logos and images, information print-outs, mail-in donation forms, brand guidelines, and more. You can create a Facebook event and invite your friends, ask the local paper if they will list the show in their “upcoming events,” and make sure people know that you’re not just playing a concert, you’re playing for CHANGE. Don’t forget to tell us about your event so we can get you the materials and support you need to make it a success.