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Education Through Imagination

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Now imagine LEARNING how to use all of the state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment in our studios, the Groove Factory!  This is where STUDIO comes in. Introducing the first hands-on, audio production training facility specifically tailored and designed for all ages, to learn the skills and tools needed to expand their knowledge in all areas of the music and audio arts. We realize there is a world of untapped potential in our youth and young adults before the college level and we strive to give them a fun creative environment where they can grow and expand their musical gifts. Our facility will be equipped with the leading recording and production software and with knowledgeable instructors willing to give the hands-on attention to detail to help any level of talent grow. Everything from Music Production, the Art of DJ Mixing, Engineering, Audio Mixing, Mastering, Editing, and even Marketing, and Business - we are here to help people learn and grow. The industry is forever growing and changing and we hope to lead the wave of new talent in learning the skills needed to help stay innovative in the music industry. This is STUDIO U.

Performing Arts Teaching Network (PATN)


PATN is a partnership between teachers, industry professionals and students to work together through our real-world productions, recording sessions and daily engineering. PATN is a long-term program that can bring more than just teaching material. To ensure the success of all the IPA educational programs, our facility will offer students a hands-on instructional environment that is part classroom instruction and part practical lab application. This environment will challenge students on a number of levels from learning industry standards and practices to working alongside staff as part of the “AMPED” mentoring program.


The Foundation & Groove Factory's commitment will be to engage today’s students and working professionals going far beyond the classroom. Our belief of "Education From Imagination" is to strive beyond the student's limits and dream the dream that we call the Institute for the Performing Arts. This curriculum will truly be interactive just as much as our amazing shows will be for our audiences.


We have dedicated a large part of our business to assist schools & their curriculums and also foster the imaginations of teachers and students alike.  Working together we can build programs that can move and excite a young audience. Together they can inspire a new generation to get involved with their own career goals. AMPED Members will encourage the next generation to perform, cultivate their creativity and learn from each other. We as professionals in the industry and our current and future programs will serve to inspire, enrich and enable, offering opportunities regardless of anyones background.

Professional Recording Studio Instruction

Our fully-equipped pro recording studio will allow students to train with professionals in the industry and develop essential skills and talents for their future career.  From development and recording to editing and mastering, we engage the students in all facets of full audio production.


The students will develop creative skills to perform or pursue a career in the audio production, and media industries as well as the technical end of audio producing. The students may choose to focus on stage production recording, engineering, directing, production management, and other areas of show production or just strengthen their skills and gain more experience in the fields of studio performing, recording, and mastering. In conclusion, we will provide students with an opportunity to enrich their present and future lives by learning to understand and enjoy the art of audio production.

Areas of Instruction


  • Music Business Administration

  • Music Production

  • Podcast Production

  • Voice-Over Acting

  • Improvisation

  • Drama / Theatre Acting

  • Comedy Acting

  • Media Communications

  • Web Design & Development

  • Visual Arts

  • Choreography / Dance

  • Set Design

  • Lighting

  • Pyrotechnics

  • Prop Making

  • Special Effect Painting

  • 3D Mapping

  • Rigging

  • Staging

  • Graphic Design

  • Creative Writing

  • Character/Creature Fabrication

  • Simulation FX

  • Special Effects for Stage / Film

  • Animatronics

  • Audio Production

  • Producing

  • Audio Recording (Studio)

  • Audio Recording (Live)

  • Video Production

  • Digital Cinematography

  • Promotions

  • Public Relations for the Entertainment Industry

  • Human Relations

  • Merchandising


Music Therapy & Education

This type of music education is also what the Bill Carroll Foundation will offer students as well as teens and adults with disabilities, to promote wellness for newborns, children of all ages and adults alike.

Music therapy interventions can be designed to:

  • Promote Wellness

  • Manage Stress

  • Alleviate Pain

  • Express Feelings

  • Enhance Memory

  • Improve Communication

  • Promote Physical Rehabilitation


Research in music therapy supports its effectiveness in a wide variety of healthcare and educational settings.

Who Benefits from

Music Therapy?

Children, adolescents, adults and the elderly with mental health needs, developmental & learning disabilities, Alzheimer's disease, aging related conditions, substance abuse problems, brain injuries, physical disabilities, acute and chronic pain, & more.

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Music Lessons For SEN Children


Music can stimulate the intellect, engage the emotions and tickle all the senses, but creating music for children with learning disabilities comes with a fair few pitfalls.  Many children’s songs are full of sudden, noisy clapping, stamping or jumping. Fun for most but sheer agony for anyone with auditory sensitivity.

Children with SEN can take great comfort and enjoyment from music. Music therapy can be a gentle way to unlock some children, using improvisation, performance, dance and singing in one-to-one and group sessions to help them express themselves.

Carefully chosen songs can be a fantastic way of helping children to make sense of the world around them - and even to be understood. 


Songs about daily routines – what they do and when – can reinforce visual timetables; chanting to a drum beat can help slow down often unintelligible speech. Children with learning needs can also enjoy learning an instrument, but ensuring that you recruit a teacher who ‘gets’ them and the way they think is more crucial than ever.

Not every budding pianist, with SEN or without, will end up performing at our Hall of Imagination or the Kennedy Center. But as many parents will testify, music, whether heard, sung or composed, can be a unique way of helping children with learning needs take part and become immersed in a rich world of sound that can help to bridge the often vast gap from their world to ours.


The Bill Carroll Foundation partnered up with our fellow organizations will contribute to anyone with SEN and guide them through the beautiful world of music. 

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