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Host A Concert

Music invites us to feel, to dream, and to be honest about our struggles, our beliefs and our passions. It also has the power to remind those listening that they are a part of something really special and quite powerful. A benefit concert is designed to remind people that their story is important, that they matter. The event might look a lot like any number of concerts that you’ve attended before, but the invitation is for more than just music.


This is your opportunity to create a night of music and hope and utilize The Bill Carroll Foundation while getting donations and support for it.



• Select a date, time, and find a venue. Work with the venue to make sure you have all the equipment needed for the event. Consider holidays, schedules, and local events when selecting a date.


• Find speakers for your event. We encourage you to invite  professionals in the Arts and music industries to attend the event and participate. We often bring them on stage with us because they can point to the work they do and the resources available.


• Assemble your core team that will help you with all of the logistics.


• Set goals and timelines. When should planning be complete? Delegate responsibilities. What is your fundraising goal through ticket sales?


• Plan a schedule for the evening.


• Have a way for people to buy tickets: a pre-sale and door price.


• How will you incorporate a message of hope and help throughout the night? We suggest having many areas with all of your marketing material available for people to take.



• Select 1-2 bands that will play throughout the night or Entertainers, Comedians, DJ's, whomever you decide to bring in as your entertainment.

• The total length of the evening should be 3 to 4 hours long.


• Ask the entertainment if they will perform for free or reduce their fee. Share with them why you are supporting The Foundation for Music Education and ask them to join you.


• Be sure to listen to their content to ensure that it does not include graphic language and wrong messages.


• For safety, contact the local police to coordinate security at your event or a security company.




• Social media

• Press release/local media

• Local organizations

• Personal invitations

• Local schools, places of worship, community centers

• Local businesses


• When promoting your event, you may only use BCF’s logo if you’ve received permission from our Benefit Coordinator. Please contact to find out how to register your benefit with The Bill Carroll Foundation..

Spread The Word

Fill The Seats

Now that you've decided on when and where your event will take place, it's time to tell your friends and recruit volunteers to help you prepare for, promote, and run your event. There are many people, such as performers in the arts, who are willing to donate their services in support of a cause. When others see the energy you're putting in to your event, they will likely want to become a part of it, too.

Our Tool-Kit has tools to help you promote your event including logos and images, information print-outs, mail-in donation forms, brand guidelines and more. You can create a Facebook event and invite your friends, ask the local paper if they will list the show in their “upcoming events publication,” and make sure people know that you’re not just putting on a concert, you’re performing a benefit. Don’t forget to tell us about your event so we can get you the materials and support you need to make it a success.




We’d love to hear how your event went! Please send in pictures and share the response to your event with us at You can turn in any funds raised through our online fundraising platformas well. If you need to mail funds, please make sure all checks or money orders are made out to The Bill Carroll Foundation. Please mail them to 43 Town and Country Dr., #119-80, Fredericksburg, VA 22405. Include in the memo “Benefit Event”.


If you have questions, please email

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