IMERS (Immersive Mobile Educational Recording Studio)

Let us introduce our "IMERS", the nation's first "Immersive Mobile Educational Recording Studio for Musicians with disabilities"! The "IMMERSive" program will allow us to go anywhere and bring the mobile recording studio to those who can't go to a normal one. This will be particularly beneficial to musicians on the Autistic Spectrum or other disabilities, giving them a safe space to grow their talent close to home.


Along with our other ongoing programs all over Virginia and beyond, we have noticed a growing number of musicians with serious disabilities but are incredible Artists when it comes to music. Our programs educate, cultivate, and guide each of these people through their disability and adapt their craft and talents as musicians.


We also want to help anyone embark on a journey to a brighter future in music with our Mobile Recording Tour, traveling into the future of music with our Virtual Reality Experience;


"Illuminations of Sound"

We're almost there, we just need a bit more funding to complete this amazing project. Please consider being a part of something truly incredible by helping us achieve our goal by donating what you can. Click HERE to donate your tax-free generous contribution.